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Who is Nanojuana? Check out our story.

In 2018, Patt, a disabled Air Force veteran, and Dre, a former Metro-Atlanta Firefighter and EMT, began an ambitious journey to revolutionize the recreational cannabis industry. Using chemical engineering and nano-emulsification technology, they were able to create the cannabis industry's first non-flavored flat THC infused drinking water. After perfecting their cannabis infused creation, they became business partners and established Nanojuana Inc., Georgia's first recreational cannabis infused product brand. Patt and Dre dedicated their research to understand how to infuse products like wine, water, and juice with cannabis. By using cannabinoids from the hemp plant, specifically CBD, they were able to successfully infuse water with various cannabinoids. After Delta 8 THC emerged, the hemp derived ‘younger brother’ to Delta 9 THC, Patt and Dre seized the opportunity to use it as the main cannabinoid in their products. They created the plan to infuse their products with Delta 8 THC in states that do not allow Delta 9 THC legally, while still using Delta 9 in states that allow the legal consumption of recreational marijuana. As true cannabis connoisseurs and life long fans of science, Patt and Dre’s biggest aspiration is for Nanojuana to become known as the brand most commonly associated with nanotechnology in the cannabis industry.